Advantages of Internet Marketing.

Advantages of IMInternet-marketing has many great advantages over more traditional and offline business models.

One major advantage is that making money online usually costs very much less money than starting a conventional off-line business. There are certainly online businesses that can be started entirely free, although most of them will be more effective if you invest a little money in putting up your own website (which doesn’t cost much to do). Most internet marketing business-methods can be tested cheaply.

Another advantage is that making money online is often quick to start. There are some methods where you can make some money within a day, which is much less common with offline business-models. A typical internet-marketing idea will take only days or at most a few weeks to test and see some real results. Along with this is the advantage that many online business systems can be run without needing much time at all, so are ideal for making extra money or starting a long-term investment, without leaving ones current employment.

One really great thing about working online is that it is often very quick and easy to make changes, such as by editing a website, where the changes appear instantly to visitors as soon as you’re done editing.

There is a whole business philosophy which can be called “fail, forward, fast”. This means that all you need to do is to try something, then learn from what you do and adjust things as you go along. Many online business systems will work this way, as changes to a website can often be done immediately when decide what you want to change, and the results can typically be measured (in terms of traffic, clicks, sales etc.) rapidly, allowing you to learn and improve your results quickly and effectively.

A slightly more advanced technique related to the above paragraph is split-testing, where you directly compare two things to see which works best. This is often easy online, and can make a big difference in your results. For example, one online business I heard of, doubled their income from the same amount of traffic (website visitors) by just changing which of three offers they recommended most. Changes to email marketing, sales copy, and even graphics and layout, can often make significant improvements, and are typically easy enough to test and measure online.

For example, if you use the highly-recommended WordPress Content-Management-System, you can split-test two different versions of content by simply installing a Plugin which does everything for you. This makes it quick and easy to measure the real performance of changes, and steer yourself effectively to more profits.

Another really great point about making money online is that nearly all aspects of the business-systems can be outsourced. While it can be a mistake to outsource things too early before they are fully tested (despite some courses recommending exactly that), once a system is working well, it is almost always possible to outsource the work and still leave significant profit. This allows the owner to focus on improving the system further, or on developing other effective internet-marketing business-systems, or maybe taking time to focus on family, leisure and pleasure.

The common image of an internet-marketer sitting making money on a tropical beach with a laptop is certainly possible, although for some methods it can take significant time initially, to test and optimize. After everything’s working well, most online business-methods can be outsourced. Some areas of internet-marketing work can be outsourced very cheaply, and in general the prices of outsourcing make it easy to generate a profit without doing the bulk of the work, once the business-system is tested.

All of the above advantages work together, to result in perhaps the most significant advantage, which is up-scaling. For many online business systems, once the system is fully tested and outsourced while still making significant profit, the whole system can then be easily and rapidly expanded, with the profits growing correspondingly.

Since supply is far greater than demand for most outsource work, if you can find one worker to do a part of a business-process, it’s usually easy enough to find 10, 100 or 1,000 similar workers to do the same process, and profits will usually scale accordingly.


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