Easy, Free Traffic from Forum Posting . . .


Posting on forums is one of the easiest ways to get free traffic to your website, whatever the contents of your site.

There are forums on almost any subject these days, and most are easy to join. Always choose forums on subjects directly related to your website (or the web-page you want to promote), sign-up and join in the discussion.

Your profile is important, so make sure it is informative . . . people are more likely to click through to your site if  they fell they know a bit about you, so add somethings about your site, and a little about yourself personally, too. Most profiles will allow you to add a link to your website.

Another way you can get links to your site from most forums, is to use a Signature (which appears just below your posts). Some forums require you to make a certain number of posts before your signature will appear, and sometimes your signature only appears on new posts after that, not on posts you made before that. But it’s sometime possible to get around that restriction by editing your previous posts, adding a little more info, then your Signature shows up on them too.

See if you can give better and more informed answers than others do. Some forums might allow you to add a link to a page on your site if it is genuinely relevant to the subject, but always give good information in the thread too.

You’ll get both direct traffic from your signature and profile, i.e. people will click on the links, and you will also improve your SEO ranking. For SEO, it’s best if you use forum-posting as one of many SEO techniques . . . don’t do too much of one method without doing some of other methods too, so it looks more natural.

After many years of doing forum posts for traffic, here’s something I spotted recently :

I’d been posting replies to forum threads, for a while, and getting some response from my Signature, when yesterday I posted a thread to ask a question about something I was considering, and got a much better response from my Signature.

The post was on a somewhat controversial subject about which people will tend to have strong emotions, and I replied several times as I got responses from others. I was surprised at how much more response I got from my signature from a Thread I’d started myself, compared to putting the same amount of work into replying to forum Threads started by others. I would guess that it’s the added authority and status of someone who starts a Thread, even though my threads was asking questions rather than giving away info.

So if you’re using forum posting to sell something (or to get opt-ins etc.), start some threads of your own! For Forum posts for SEO (back-links), it’s probably not going to make as much difference although I guess there’s typically a link from you as the Original-poster, to your profile-page, which will be an additional benefit, so to some extent it’s worth doing for SEO as well !

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