Example : using a FaceBook Page to market products on a website . . .

example-using-a-facebook-page-to-market-products-on-a-websiteI came across this today :


which is a FaceBook Page used to promote products on their website. Obviously this one will be likely to make most sales around Halloween, but the same principle can be used for many different product areas.

Note how they post lots of images (which are popular on FaceBook), some of them being links to their products on their site, but others just general related images which will get more visitors.

This strategy takes some time, because it’s optimal to post only a handful of posts on each Social-media channel each day, but of course, you could use multiple channels, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. all of which can use the same images. For YouTube, you can make a video using the SlideShow function on the YouTube site to make a video from still images (and text etc.), or use PhotoStory3 which is free and will slowly move or zoom each still image which makes the video look better than just static images. Both allow you to add some music, which makes the video more appealing to watch.

You can add more strategies such as free or paid traffic (as well as SEO) to boost the results.

There are a lot of products you can use to monetize a topic. I’ve made money from posters (using the AllPosters affiliate program) in the past, and there are products on sites like Zazzle, Tspring, CafePress, ShapeWays, as well as vast numbers of products on Amazon and similar affiliate programs (or even AdSense). Plus relevant Ebooks from sites like JVzoo, ClickBank etc. as well as relevant CPA offers.

You’ll need some sort of website to do this, because some social-media channels won’t allow you to put an affiliate link directly on their site, but will usually allow you to link to a blog post on your own site. If you want to do all this for free, use WordPress.com or Blogger for your site (at least to start with . . . re-invest some of the profits in your own website, for better results for the same work).

One strategy would be to do this for a variety of topics (each with its own website), then for the ones making the most money, create some of your own products for even more profit.

To choose a suitable topic, initially choose something you have knowledge or interest in, as that makes it easier and more fun to do the work (as well as lending more authority to the content, since you either understand the topic, or will be willing to do the research and think about it etc.), and which has some good monetization options. Once you are making good profit with this, you can easily outsource all the work needed.

Have fun with it 🙂


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