How commitment can help you succeed (or help you fail).

commitmen1tCommitment can make a big difference to your likelihood of success with internet-marketing, but only if you choose carefully what to commit to.

One major point that many people misuse, is goals. In areas like making money online, it is easy to assume that you should set a goal of how much money to make. This seems logical, but is typically a bad idea. Add to that the fact that in certain circumstances, the harder you try to get what you want, the worse your results will be. Luckily, there are simple and effective solutions to both these challenges, which you’ll read about in detail if you join the Committed-Internet-Marketing mailing-list (click here and sign-up if you’ve not done so already) in our free 14-page guide “The Inner Game of Internet-Marketing”.

It is also vital to make the right choice of which internet-marketing business-system(s) to test, as there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. See some of the other posts here for more details on those :

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Once you understand all the information above, commitment can really help your results with online business.

One of the best things you can commit to now, is to keep learning and testing internet-marketing in practice, until you get the results you want. The Japanese concept of kaizen is a great approach . . . the philosophy of continual improvement. If you treat every experience as a learning-experience in internet-marketing, then you have a very good chance of success.

It is easy for newbies to look around some internet-marketing forums and maybe try some online business methods, and come to the assumption that the only people making money in internet-marketing are people selling “internet marketing methods” that don’t really work. One fact that will show you differently, is that 900,000 Amazon affiliates made more than 29 BILLION DOLLARS in 2013. That is all real money, all made online, and most of it is unrelated to selling internet-marketing methods. So yes, a lot of people are making good money online, and before they started, they didn’t know how to do it either . . . if they can learn then so can you.

If you use the perspectives outlined above, every method you test will teach you something. Even if it is just what not to do. For example, I bought one internet-marketing method years ago, and was used on the private forum as an example of how to do the method perfectly. The method was even named stating how much money you could make in how short a time. After many times as long as that, none of the 88 members of that forum had said that they’d made any money at all. Yet I learned all kinds of things from that course (including many things not to do, such as not to get posted on 400 RSS aggregates at one time, which the method-author said would increase traffic, and instead decreased it by about 75%), and later took the same product that had made a loss using that method (I made one sale in 3 years, which didn’t even cover the domain-name costs), and with only a few minutes work, placed it somewhere where it has made me over $700 in 4 years, with zero additional effort.

So yes, it can be frustrating (the information in “The Inner Game of Internet-Marketing”, available free to download if you sign-up for the Committed-Internet-Marketing mailing-list, can help you reduce those negative emotions dramatically), but if you start from the philosophy of treating everything as a learning-experience, and continually improving, then you’ll have a very good chance of success (especially with all the information you’ll get here).

That’s something worth committing to right now 🙂


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