How the most common advice to internet-marketing Newbies, can be a disaster.

newbie-adviceOne of the most common pieces of advice given to newbies at online-business, is to pick one method and keep doing it until it works.

While persistence of purpose can be a good thing, the problem with this advice is that it is so incomplete.

One unfortunate aspect of internet-marketing is that a lot of the information you can find on the subject, is either outdated, or just plain wrong. Many “internet marketing methods” just don’t work at all in the way they are stated . . . I know, because over the years I’ve tried several of them.

If, as most newbies do, you start out believing that every “internet-marketing method” you come across will do what it says it will do, then you are likely to be disappointed.

A much more effective perspective is to regard every method you try as a learning experience. That way, you’ll keep learning, and at some point you’ll succeed. Of course, starting with better quality information can make a big difference, so I recommend joining the Committed-Internet-Marketing mailing-list if you’ve not already done (click here and sign-up, it’s free forever).

Another factor is that different people with different personalities will get significantly different results even if they try the same method, particularly in terms of things like writing sales copy or communicating with potential customers in whatever way.

Luckily for the majority of people, who are not born salespeople, there are many online-business methods that don’t require selling at all. Affiliate marketing is one of those, where you don’t need to sell the product at all (the company you’re an affiliate of, will do that), all you need to do is to give prospective customers honest factual information about the product (or for better results, about comparison of similar products).

One way to succeed with business online is to learn different things from a range of different methods, and put them together to make something which works well. This is inevitable when you learn enough of a range of internet-marketing . . . you’ll be reading about a method and remember a different and maybe better way of doing part of it, from a different source, put them together and make a success of it.

As I’ve said in other posts here, there are ways which you can make better decisions about which methods to test, such as by being honest about your aims and situation etc.

The best time to do massive action, is when you’ve got a business-system that is fully tested and reliably profitable. Before that it is more efficient and effective to test it as quickly and cheaply as possible (even if it is not perfect, once you’ve got some fairly positive results, then you can improve things).

So, read all the advice here before you start, be realistic both about internet-marketing, and about yourself, and adopt the attitudes and perspective most likely to result in success!


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