CIM MasterMind Club

  • Imagine a business that you can start for free, yet some people have made 6 million dollars in a single month from this same type of business.
  • Imagine a business where you can make a profit within the first 24 hours, without spending a penny, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Imagine a business where you don’t have to do any of the work yourself, yet you still make a profit while relaxing on the beach, spending time with your family or enjoying leisure activities.

You might have guessed . . . the business I am describing is online business and internet marketing.

One of the other huge advantages of making money with an online business is that once you’ve tested a business-system and found it profitable, it is usually easy to upscale to big money.


So, with all these great advantages, why isn’t everyone making a fortune online?

There’s a LOT of information available about internet-marketing and making money online (and lots more released every single day). While this can be a good thing in some ways, it can also be a massive challenge, especially for a newbie, as it is so easy to be overwhelmed into inaction by the information overload.

What’s even worse is that a lot of the information available is out-of-date (online the rules can change in a second and many of the strategies that worked well a few years ago will now do you more harm than good) and some of it just plain wrong.  Methods that would have got your affiliate account banned a year ago are still being sold today. Strategies that will now get your website de-indexed entirely (so you get no visitors), are still being sold today.

An example is one course I paid money for, some years ago. There was a private forum for that course with 88 members. The method was somewhat complex, and after many people said they didn’t understand how to do it, my website was used by the author of the course as the example of how to do the method perfectly. After several months, not one single member of that forum said they’d made even a single penny. Three years later, I’d made one single sale for $17 from that method, which didn’t even cover the cost of the course and domain (so overall I’d lost money). This experience is not unusual, with many “internet marketing methods” being simply unworkable in practice, however well marketed.

Even with methods that do work, the basic information on how to know which business-systems will be possible for a specific individual are rarely mentioned, as it is easier to market some “new”, “hot”, “secret” method, that most buyers won’t have any chance of implementing successfully.

An example would be some of the great methods of selling online services offline. While it’s easy to quote how many thousands of dollars can be made the first month by a few people, the fact that an introvert with no sales skills simply won’t be able to make a penny, ever, is often not mentioned at all.


It is easy to fail at internet-marketing even after you’ve spent a fortune on methods that promise “success”, yet, with the right information, it’s not difficult to make a profit within the first 24 hours and build from there.

Most of the information available, even the high-end courses selling for $997, is just not a good match for most people (especially newbies). One simple method that works for YOU is worth more than a thousand that sound impressive and from which a tiny minority can make big money but you make nothing. Yet how do you find the right information that will really work for YOU personally?


– What if you could get a wide range of different internet-marketing methods and resources, plus the basic information on how to choose the RIGHT method for YOU personally to start making money and build from there?

– What if you could get access to a private forum with like-minded people all helping each other to succeed, plus an experienced internet-marketer answering all your questions?

– What if you could get all that, plus several new products every month, all for a monthly fee which is less than the cost of a single product?


. . . well now you CAN . . .

. . . with the Committed Internet Marketing Mastermind Club.

The power of a relatively small group of people helping each other succeed cannot be underestimated.

While you won’t be forced to interact with others if you just want to download all the 11+ great internet-marketing products for the price of one, you’ll get much more benefit if you join in and get answers to all your questions as well as learning from what others are doing successfully (and what they are learning about what not to do).

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced internet-marketer, you’ll get lots of value from the wealth of resources and ongoing discussion.

Even if you’ve failed before at online business, we can help you succeed. If others can make good money with internet-marketing, then it is possible to learn what they did, and do the same.

A good Mastermind Group gives you the real benefits of support, brainstorming, feedback, increased confidence, motivation and collaborations. Then add 11+ genuine internet-marketing products for the price of one (and more coming regularly) and the value is unequaled.


Here’s what you get . . .

. . . with the Committed Internet Marketing Mastermind Club:

You get access to the unique, private forum and mastermind group, plus answers to your questions from an experienced internet-marketer (that’s me, and I’m unusual in that I answer EVERY question from all my buyers and potential-buyers and anyone who I can help, which many product-creators do not).

I will be the moderator of the Mastermind-group, helping everyone as best I can. I am an experienced forum moderator and facilitator (one of my forums has 90,881 posts so far, is still going strong, and has been of great value to many people).

You get access to 11 internet-marketing products :

The full “Epic Lead Arbitrage – How to buy for 77 cents and sell for $8.24″ guide (with all extras), worth $47.

This best-selling, 62-page guide gives you full details on multiple methods of buying or generating leads, and multiple methods for selling leads (you don’t need any sales-experience or a sales personality) as well as other, different ways of profiting from the same systems (without selling anything at all).

One buyer said “Fantastic info and value for money.”

All my  PLR content, worth $65.

That’s 3.45 Gigabytes even with most of it zipped . . . it will take a while for you to download! Some of that content I’ve used to make good money over the years. There’s content on a very wide variety of subjects, including lots of information on internet-marketing and almost any other subject you can imagine, as well as content suited for AdSense and other monetization methods, for easily creating your own Ebooks to sell, and lots more.

Effective SEO Secrets for More Targeted Traffic and More Profit”, worth $17.

47 pages of in-depth information on all aspects of SEO, including on-page, off-page, video SEO, a detailed strategy for effective guest-posting, and lots more. Essential for any knowledgeable internet-marketer, with one buyer saying “I recommend it as a MUST HAVE”.

“Expert Up-Scaling, Outsourcing and Automation“, worth $9.97.

One of the biggest advantages of online-business is that it’s often possible to up-scale a profitable system. BUT attempt that at the wrong stage in the business, or make any of the common mistakes, and it can be a disaster. Why not do it right the first time with my in-depth guide?

“Epic Aerial Income”, worth $9.97.

This might not seem useful for some people, but the residual income strategies I detail can be implemented by anyone with a mobile phone, even if you don’t own a drone . . . one guy makes more than a million dollars a year using a website I detail (and a digital camera), and from a 3rd-world country too. Wouldn’t you like to know how to build that kind of residual income?

“Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free”, worth $9.97.

 73 pages of very detailed info on how to make money with CPA or affiliate offers. Includes the strategy of writing honest product-reports based on real buyer information, which I consider one of the most reliable methods of easily making good money online, long-term.

“Massive Profits from Mailing-lists and Newsletters”, worth $5.

If you’ve been involved in internet-marketing you’ll have heard “the money’s in the list” . . . with the industry-standard being a dollar per member per month (and some list-owners doing better than that), imagine when your list is 100, 1,000, 10,000 members. One of the best strategies for long-term increasing income, if you do it right!

“The Inner Game of Internet-marketing – Success Secrets”, worth $9.97.

Many internet-marketing products include a chapter on “changing”your attitudes, but few of them include the REAL info from a recognized expert in advanced self-development, giving you powerful tools that make a REAL difference, unlike the usual ineffective “positive affirmations” approach which for precise reasons cannot work if you really need it.


WordPress, installation, optimization and customization, a Basic Guide”, worth $2.
and “Basic WordPress On-page SEO”, worth $2.

WordPress is the recommended way to build effective, profitable websites easily and quickly. This is essential information for almost all online business methods.

+ you will get ALL additional internet-marketing products I create each month, as I write them, all included in the single monthly fee.

Plus two other valuable internet-marketing guides which you can download when you join.

So that’s $189.85+ worth of internet-marketing products (so far, and more to come), all over-delivering far more value than even that cost. And the real value of a mastermind-group plus personal answers from myself. is worth a LOT more than all of that, in terms of the difference it can make to your online profits.


Before you think about how much this is worth to you, have a think about how much difference these resources can make to your life. How will you feel when you have the resources, community, and business-in-a-box methods that you need to finally build that online business you want?

How will you feel when you have enough income to make a big improvement to your finances, without it taking too much of your time?


What would it be worth for you to get access to . . .

  • $187.85 worth of internet-marketing resources (all over-delivering value)
  • a small, dedicated community, focused on their passion of building a real business online
  • answers to all your questions, in as much detail as you want, on an ongoing basis, for as long as you want, from an experienced internet-marketer?

Think of the financial progress you can gain from all this . . . how much is that worth to YOU, to make a dramatic improvement to your financial status?


I could easily charge a lot more for all this, and the price will be increasing as more and more resources are added, but I want to make it a no-brainer for you to get the help you need to change your life . . .


So I am making a limited-time introductory offer of a small monthly fee of less than the price of one of my best products, to get access to all these resources . . .

. . . if you sign-up now, you get this low introductory price without any increases to your fee, while you see the cost going up and up for new members as more and more value is added . . .

Right now, for a limited time, it will cost you only $37 per month, for only NINE months, then FREE FOREVER after that . . .

Click the button below to buy now, and when you have signed up for the subscription you will be taken to a thank-you page. Within 24 hours I’ll send you your personal log-in details, giving you access to the private Forum, which includes all the resources mentioned above (11 internet-marketing guides for you to download, and more as they are created) etc. . . .


Committed Internet Marketing Mastermind Club