Effective SEO approaches . . .

SEO matters . . . if you are not doing SEO effectively, then you are not making good use of your website(s).

Here’s my comparison of 3 different SEO products, find the one which is best for your needs :

1. My 45-page guide “Effective SEO Secrets for More Targeted Traffic and More Profit”.

Lots of detail, everything a newbie needs to know, plus advanced approaches (some of them almost unknown, even to experts), so even experienced internet-marketers will have plenty to learn. Includes both effective long-term strategies, and a little-known rapid approach to very well-targeted traffic.

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2. You’ll often hear “back-linking is dead”, then learn, from the same people, how they recommend social-media as a great way to improve SEO, because of the great back-links it provides!

You’ll also learn how it’s not really in the interests of Google to tell you what really works for SEO, because they make 45 billion a year by people not knowing the real secrets. This link-building option gives you full control over your links, so you can make sure you do a variety of different links gradually over time.

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If you want a less expensive, automated option for link-building, consider LinkProcessor (starting from under $10 in July 2016).

3. If you just want the basics of SEO for WordPress, and are on a very tight budget, I am offering this 13-page low-cost guide: “Basic WordPress On-page SEO”.

Price = $5.

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Comparison – which is best for you?

If you want to get a real, in-depth understanding of not just how SEO works, but why it works, with secrets and strategies that most “SEO experts” don’t know, then choose 1), and when you understand all that, add some careful use of 2) as well.

If you already have good on-page SEO, and want to really effective methods of boosting both on and off-page SEO, then have a look at both 1 and 2.

If you are a newbie on an extremely tight budget, start with 3, then re-invest some of your profits in 1 and 2.