Epic Aerial Income – Making Big Money with a Drone !

Hi, I’m Chris,

If you want to learn how to make serious money with a drone . . .

either by selling various little-known drone services I’ll tell you about (some of which drone guys say they’re charging $15,000 a day for),

or by building a substantial long-term residual income from your drone, without needing to ever talk to a buyer at all,

(or both !)

… then you’ll want to read this page very closely . . .

There are multiple streams of income you can generate with a drone.

Some services you can offer will be needed over and over again, and you can charge high fees each time.

Some of your services can be a replacement for things formerly done by airplanes and helicopters . . . even if you only charge half what they were charging, you’re still making serious cash.

It’s not difficult to capture content on your drone, which can be sold over and over again, endlessly, and without you needing to talk to the buyers at all. The only thing you need to do is upload files to a website and they do everything else for you and send you the money every month.

When you realize that some content-creators, doing things you can do too, are making more than a million dollars a year, and this is a genuine residual income . . . if they stop working today, that income will continue to come in for the rest of their lives . . .

When you hear of a teenager who used a cheap camera to take video of super-cars driving in London on public roads, and a few years later, just from posting those videos in the right place (I’ll tell you where), bought his own, brand new super-car from the profits . . .

You might be starting to realize that it might be worth learning more about how you and a drone can deliver lucrative services, or build a real, passive income.

You can certainly do both . . . selling services for quick cash, while spending the rest of your time building a long-term residual income.

But . . . without the right information, you might not find the best of these opportunities, many of which are almost unknown currently (although not for too much longer, as drone use is expanding rapidly, so the best time to make money is NOW while competition is relatively low).

It’s all too easy to choose the wrong equipment which means you can’t do the jobs that pay well, or to sell your services too cheaply because you don’t know what you should be charging, or to simply never find some of the very best opportunities at all.

Most people who know the real money-making drone methods are making a killing and keeping it as secret as they can. They don’t want competition, and they don’t want anyone to know how much money can really be made.


What you need is the right information,

at the right time, and that time is now, with new laws at last allowing drone use in most countries now (I do give some pointers to some of the new drone laws in some countries, but as these things change day-to-day and there are a lot of countries in the world, you are likely to have to do some of your own research as well). But the best time for you to take action is now, before most people have caught up with this industry which is exploding onto the market-place as you read this.


To make serious money with my guide and a drone . . .

– You don’t need to own a drone (or a camera-system) already . . . I’ll tell you how to go about finding the best equipment for your needs.

– You don’t need to know anything about drones (you can quickly learn everything you need)

– You don’t need to know anything about internet-marketing (or any other kind of marketing).

– You don’t need to be a sales-person . . . you can build a residual income without ever having to communicate with anyone at all if you wish, just by uploading files to websites.

– You don’t need to know anything about video or cameras. I’ll tell you where you can learn everything you need to know, quickly and easily.

– You don’t need to have any experience selling services (or selling anything else).

– You don’t need to have any business experience.


However, this is not for everyone.

You will need to invest in a drone and some camera equipment, if you don’t have these already. If you don’t have the cash for the drone you’d ideally want, you can always start with a cheaper one and re-invest some of the profits later to get the one you really wanted . . . some of the resources listed in my guide will tell you how you can even make money from video created on a cell-phone or low-cost camera. So with that and an inexpensive drone you could start making money, then invest in better equipment later.

But still, you will need some kind of drone, and some kind of camera-equipment, to make money from this guide. So if that’s not realistic for you, then don’t buy my guide.

To make money with this guide, you will need to take some action. If you’re someone who reads WSO’s, does nothing, then complains about not making money, don’t buy this guide.

You will need to invest time in learning to use your drone (if you are not an expert already), and you will need some commitment, in order to succeed with this lucrative business.


While some drone users are claiming $50,000 earnings in a week from the methods in my guide, these claims are NOT guaranteed earnings for YOU. It’s certainly possible to find ways to fail at this, as it is with anything else.

There are a LOT of different income methods in my guide (the PDF is 36 pages long, all content, no fluff !). While some people will make good use of this and develop multiple streams of income, others will use this as an excuse to “be overwhelmed” by the choices, procrastinate, never take any action, and stay mediocre.

I am NOT offering any refunds on this guide . . .

So decide now, whether you’re willing to make a commitment to learning and succeeding, (or instead, go and find one of those guides which “guarantee” you earnings and you’ll find a way to fail at that too).

Who SHOULD buy my guide . . .


My Epic Aerial Income guide is for people who :

1) are willing to learn. If you’re not making a fortune from a drone already, then there’s something you don’t know.

If you think you”know it all” on this subject already, and are not making big money with it, then your definition of “know” is different from mine . . . my definition is, when someone really knows something, they DO it, consistently and successfully.

You should have a genuine interest in learning some new things about drones and how to use them for profit, and this means real learning, including real action and real results. (I don’t want people who just want to think about it, and do nothing).

2) really WANT to use a drone. Drone flying should be something you would enjoy, want to explore, have fun with even if you weren’t paid . . . something you are curious about. If you think of it as just another boring job you have to do to survive, you are unlikely to do it well and I’d rather you didn’t waste my time . . .

I have created a Private Facebook Group for buyers of this guide, which will be a place for successful, committed people to help each other learn more and make more profit. I will put my time into helping people on that group, as much as I am able, and I want to limit the membership to those who are choosing to succeed.

3) really WANT to make some money. My guide is not aimed at people who just want to enjoy flying a drone for their own amusement. It’s aimed at people who want to make real money with a drone, whether quick money selling services, or slower but bigger money long-term by building a residual (or both).

This might sound strange, but there are lot of people who complain about being broke, but avoid actually doing things which will make money. So be honest, do you REALLY want to make serious money ???

4) have some time to invest in this. If you are working 80 hour weeks and never have a minute to spare, then this is not for you (or if you spend most of each day in bed or watching TV, and never actually get around to getting things done, this is also not for you).

Learning to use a drone well takes some time, and making money with it takes time, and the results are well worth the time invested!


Since I am not offering any refunds with this guide, and this one is relatively new as I write this, to give you some idea of what buyers said (unsolicited) about my previous guides . . .

This is awesome !! The whole system does work. It does take a bit of a time for new-comers to understand how to make it work. But, its worth the time. Chris has been really helpful with answering emails and guiding me through the process, and trust me on this, its a whole new un-tapped system which is not at all exploited right now.

That same guy said that in his opinion, my guide was worth 33 times as much as I was selling it for !

Another buyer of a previous guide of mine said “My pleasure to buy that guide. it was awesome!

And a user of one of my services said “thank you for being so helpful and explain everything.

With another client saying “thanks Chris, again, a lot of helpful advice there and things I had not thought of. Much appreciated!

One of the members of the Private FaceBook Group for another of my guides, says “Great points Chris !! It’s good to get into the “numbers” behind everything. That makes it easier to decipher what may or may not work!

With another member saying “Hi Chris, great FB page here thanks.


Some of the methods in my guide can be used in any country which allows drones to be used for business purposes (which is almost any country in the world currently).

If you want to start small, no problem, my guide will tell you how to make money with a low-cost drone and an inexpensive camera (or even with a cheap phone that has a camera), then you can grow your drone profits as you gain more experience and confidence.


So . . . how much for my “Epic Aerial Income“ guide ?

How much would you invest in methods that some drone users claim is making them $15,000 a day, and residual methods which are making some people (one of them from a 3rd-world country) over a million dollars a year from similar content ???

When you buy my guide, you’ll get access to my Private FaceBook Group for buyers, where we’ll help each other learn and make more profits from our drones.

That will be free for 30 days after you buy this guide, and if the Group for my previous product is any indication, should be a VERY valuable resource.


So now you’ve got a decision to make (if you haven’t made it already) . . .

You cannot avoid a decision, because even the avoidance is a concealed decision.” – Karol Irzykowski

Whether you choose to invest in my guide and reap the benefits, or choose not to do that, either way you’re making a decision.

With decision comes power, but also responsibility. In this case, the responsibility is likely to be mostly to yourself . . . most people let themselves down much more easily than they’d be willing to let someone else down. So have a think about whether you’re really ready to commit to Epic Aerial Income, right now?

Every day you wait, is a day you could be building a business that has the power to pay you for months and even years into the future . . .

Rich people don’t usually work as employees, they get rich by creating (or buying) assets, an asset being something that puts money into your pocket. A real residual income, which you can create with your drone, is an asset, a REAL asset (not like the kinds of things your bank wants you to think of as “assets” which are mostly things that drain your cash continually and so should really be called a liability).

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy the results.


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Epic Aerial Income - Making big Money with a Drone