How to buy for 77 cents & sell for $8.48, & build your own list FREE.

WHAT IF . . . 

Imagine Two Simple Steps :

  1. What if – you could just type a few words and instantly find businesses that you know for sure were paying around $8.48 over and over again (even when they fail 4 out of every 5 times) to try to get something that they really value ?
  2. What if – you could buy that something for 77c, and then pass it to those businesses you found above, knowing that those items were worth (at the very least), 5 times $8.48? And what if you could start this system and get paid within 5 days (before you spend anything), and get free personal help from me, if you need it??


. . . I know what you’re thinking . . . you’re assuming that you’d have to “sell” to those businesses, right? . . . you’re thinking . . .

“I hate selling”,

“I really don’t want to try to learn to be a salesman, I’d hate it”,

“selling’s too difficult”,

“I am not capable of selling anything”,

“I’ve tried to sell things before and failed”, etc.

and you’re right, unless you’re a natural born salesman, most approaches to selling can be a truly horrible experience, trying to persuade people to buy things they don’t really want.

What’s worse, there are plenty of internet-marketing guides that tell you they’ll make it easy to sell things, but leave out vital details, like what email subject-lines to use or how to actually find suitable prospects.

But don’t worry . . . 

What if, instead of having to contact potential clients and trying to persuade them to buy, you could easily get them to contact you first, asking you to please tell them more about how they can get these things they value so much?

And if communicating with others is not something you like doing, then there are other variations on the method, in my guide, where you never have to do that, at all, at any stage in the process.

So, what are these things I’m talking about that are so valuable to a business? . . .


I guess it’s a controversial thing to say on an internet-marketing forum, but to be honest, businesses don’t really want websites, SEO, or anything like that.

What they DO want most is just one simple thing. That one thing all businesses have in common.

What a they are really in the business of, is the business of making money.

So . . . what if you could . . . give money to a business??

I know that must sound strange, but bear with me, it will make sense in a moment . . .

The definition of a business is a system that makes a profit by providing products or services to customers or clients. That’s how a business works, that’s what a business IS.

So the most direct way you can give a business what they most want (money), is by giving them more customers or clients, because that equals more money.

What this means to you is that contact-details of people who are really likely to be customers are the easiest things to pass on to a business, because that’s what they really want, most of all.

In fact, you don’t need to put effort into “selling” it at all . . . just let them know it’s available and they’ll be more than eager to get you to tell them more about how it works, and place orders.

  • What if you could give a business contact-details of people who are not only suitable as customers or clients, but who have already taken action to express a real interest in the specific products or services from that specific business (i.e. real leads, not just prospects)?
  • What if you could find out in 17 seconds how much specific businesses are already spending on trying to get customers by buying clicks to their website (where they will usually be trying to get the visitor’s contact-details, and failing to get those contact-details at least 4 out of every 5 times)?
  • What if you could offer them those contact-details, for less money than they are already paying today for mere clicks to their website (at least 4 out of 5 of which they will fail to get contact-details from)?

Well now . . . YOU CAN do exactly that!! . . .

I’ll tell you what to do, every step of the way, when you buy my guide.

Here’s another subject that might not seem related, yet . . . here’s something you’ll have heard before if you’ve spent much time in the world of internet-marketing :

“The money is in the list”.

Why do so many internet-marketing experts recommend so strongly that you build a mailing-list?

The simple answer is . . . because it will make you a lot of money (if you do it right . . . some of those experts are making around a dollar per member per month, and some internet-marketing mailing-lists have more than a million members).

What if you could build your own mailing-list, on the subject of internet-marketing, or other profitable subjects, without it costing you a penny to add new original members (not taken from other lists competing for their dollars)?

What if you could build your own mailing-list, using members that you’ve already sold to someone else at considerable profit, in a way that’s totally ethical and win/win for everyone involved?

My guide will tell you exactly how to do all that (don’t worry, it’s easy, and I’ll help you if you need it.)


Upgraded version 2.0 . . .

I’ve learned a lot from comments and questions from the buyers of this guide so far, and included a lot of improved information in the updated version which you’ll get, as well as organizing it even more clearly for easier reading and reference. This version 2.0 also gives you quicker and cheaper leads than the original version, and all for the same amazing price.


When you buy my guide, I’ll tell you :

  • How to find, in seconds, lots of businesses that are paying $8.48 and more, per click.
  • How to offer them leads (each worth at least 5 times the cost of a click) that ASK that business to contact them.
  • How to get personal help from me, with getting the leads you sell (as well as with other aspects of this business).
  • How to target buyers and discourage freebie-seekers, so the leads are worth even more.
  • How to build your own mailing-list at no cost.
  • How to get businesses to contact you, requesting details of how they can get leads.
  • How to find out how much to charge for leads.
  • How to sell the same leads multiple times, ethically.
  • How to apply the same list-building method to many other profitable niches, as well as internet-marketing.
  • How to use leads to sell affiliate products, CPA offers, or your own products and services.
  • How to help local businesses get more customers, and get paid well for doing that.
  • How to outsource the whole process (so your only job is spending the money!).
  • How to get my personal help with making this system for for you (it’s easy, just email me !)
  • and How to get a free bonus from me, when you buy my guide.


To make great money from the information in my guide :

  • You Don’t Need A Big Budget – in fact you don’t need to spend a penny after buying this guide (you can get your clients to pay you first – this really works, I’ve done it myself).
  • You Don’t Need any Sales Experience – you don’t even need to contact potential clients, you can get them to contact you first and ask you to help them. No hard-sell, no persuasion needed.
  • You Don’t Need A List – (although I’ll tell you why starting one is a very good idea).
  • You Don’t Need A Website – you can certainly make this work without one (all you need is an email account), although re-investing some of your initial profits in a website will make it easier to sell to bigger clients as you expand your business.
  • You Don’t Need Any Prior Experience – I’ll tell you everything you need to know. My guide is totally newbie-friendly.
  • You Don’t Need Any Technical Skills – you don’t need to understand HTML, PHP, WordPress or anything else like that. My guide tells you how to do everything you need to do, in full detail.
  • You don’t need lots of time –  this is not like blogging where you have to write new content every day. Some of the methods are quick and easy to do in just a few minutes per day.
  • You don’t need to be in a particular country to succeed with these methods (all you need is an email account). Some of the methods in my guide could be implemented in most major languages. You don’t need to be in the country where you’re selling leads.
  • You Don’t need to communicate with other humans, if you don’t want to. While some of the methods in the guide require communication with clients, if you’d rather not do anything like that, then yes, there are methods in my guide where you can make profit and never have to talk to another human at any stage in the process. If you like talking to others, then you can do that too.
  • You Don’t Need To Do Anything Black-Hat – everything I recommend in my guide is both legal and ethical. I’ll tell you simple reasons why it’s much better for your profits to build long-term mutually-beneficial relationships than make short-term profit but lose in the long-term.

Is it ethical to buy for 77c and sell for $8.48?

If you already know that the business you sell to is making profits from choosing to buy leads (no-one is persuading them, it’s their free choice) at at least 5 times that price, then that means the deal you can offer them is a good one for them. Of course, they know exactly how much profit they are making from their existing ways of getting leads, so they know what is a good price, for them.

No-one is forcing them to accept the price you offer, it’s entirely their choice. You might be surprised what percentages of profit some businesses are making from their mailing-list, while giving their customers and clients good value for money too. In fact, I recommend you don’t suggest a price to them at all, because it’s better if you can get them to suggest a price to you.

I found from my own experience that part of the legal system in the UK has a standard charge of £85 (that’s about $127) to press “print” and produce a single-sheet, standard document that they already have stored in their system. And that’s not a lawyer who’s in the business of making money, that’s an administrator, employed by the government, “to provide a service to help the people”.

A standard real-estate agreement, where they would type in a couple names and press “print”, makes real-estate agents £50 ($75) or more, for about 10 seconds work. And lawyers routinely charge very much more than that for their standard documents.

These types of businesses would be examples of the kinds of clients you might be selling leads to. You are very welcome to buy leads and re-sell them at a very small profit-margin if you wish, but I’ll tell you in the guide why it’s often much easier to sell leads at a higher price.


Here’s some unsolicited feedback from buyers of my guide :

“My pleasure to buy that guide. it was awesome!” (Mohamed Moujahid).

“That was a very interetsting read and I really like the way you’ve broken it down into easily digestible chunks and I’m surprised by the possible variants of this model.” (Stuart McCulloch).

“Thanks for the eBook, it is very valuable and contains a lot of useful informations” (Carl).

“Great course! I love the product by the way!” (Richy Burns).

“Hi Chris, Purchased your eBook on Lead Generation! Excellent!” (Lee Michaels).

“I bought your guide from warrior forum, I read 3 times, great information on how to start lead gen business.” (anonymous).

and a comment from someone who received a free review copy :

“Chris has done it again… A really well rounded look at Lead-Generation Arbitrage.

There is something here for everyone, from newbies to seasoned internet marketers. He breaks it all down from different methods, and options on those methods, to outsourcing, and white-labeling. He even offers personal help on decisions, anywhere from getting started to scaling up your business.

A great value, as well as an education on the subject. (Hector Cancio, Internet Marketer).


If you want to know more, before you buy . . .

Here’s some more detail of what you get when you buy “How to buy for 77 cents & sell for $8.48, & build your own list FREE.” . . .

Not only do you get full details of how to re-sell internet-marketing mailing-list opt-ins (and add them to your own list, free), you also get methods of re-selling leads to many other types of business.

With this business-system you might be making money within 5 days, if you do everything effectively and communication goes quickly (some of your potential clients might take a little longer to think about things and reply, but it is still more likely to be days than weeks).

You can get paid by your clients before you buy the leads you’re re-selling to them (or, for a little investment, you can buy some leads first and give them to the business for free, and make it even easier for them to say “yes” to working with you).

While this basic business-system is extremely simple (re-sell something at a higher price), I give you clear explanations of every part of the system, as well as alternative approaches and many different ways to profit from the same basic system of re-selling leads. My guide is 62 pages long, but don’t worry, it’s broken into small sections that you can understand one at a time, so it’s not a challenging read, and most of it you won’t need to even think about to make some money initially.

If there’s anything you want to know more about, once you’ve read my guide, you can read my many tips on the FaceBook Group, and you can also email me . . . I reply to EVERY email from buyers.

Which of the variations on the basic concept is best for you depends on your circumstances and preferences, and on what you want to achieve. If you want to make a profit without spending anything first, then you can do that. If you want to make big money quickly, you can do that. If you want make a profit while spending only a few minutes time per day, then that will work too.

Getting potential clients to contact you first will cost a little investment, but it is totally possible for you to just email them first, and get them to pay you before you buy their leads, so you can make money with no additional cost after you buy this guide.

Is this business-system proven? In a word . . . yes. I have personally made profits from re-selling leads to clients in both internet-marketing and offline-business.

The advantages of this online business-system include: it’s simple, quick to start, and quick and easy to up-scale as soon as you are making profits.

Do you have a choice of sources for leads? Yes. I’ll tell you one little-known place you can buy leads from about 42 cents each (at the time of writing), as well as methods you can use to generate leads entirely free. My guide will give you lots of different ways you can profit from leads too, so you will have plenty of choices for both ends of the system.

You’ll find out what “targeting” and “qualifying” mean, and why it can be best for lead-generation to do the exact opposite of what you’d do for on-site sign-ups.

My guide will give you 148 example key-phrases that are very likely to be very profitable, and an easy method of finding thousands more in seconds.

My guide will tell you actual email subject-lines to use. You will also get actual examples of what to say in follow-up emails (such as from an autoresponder, which I’ll tell you how to get for free with one lead-generation source). No guesswork needed.

My guide will tell you several different methods of estimating a suitable price to re-sell leads at, to make significant profits.

You will find out from my guide how to outsource various parts of the business-system, or all of it, if you wish.

You will find out how taking a larger profit-margin can often make it easier to sell leads.

I will tell you different options of how and when to ask for money from your clients, and which option gives which advantages.

I will give you the most important tip I ever learned about how to succeed with internet marketing. This will tell you exactly how many newbies quit with internet-marketing, even when they are really succeeding, and what you can do about it.

You’ll learn exactly how get paid to build your own profitable mailing-list, and the important reason why this method is so much more profitable than doing Swaps or paying for Solo Ads.

You’ll learn how to find real people who take action to express a real interest in your specific products or services whatever they are (including Ebooks, guides, web-design, SEO or graphics services, or almost anything else you can think of online or offline). Or, if you don’t have your own products, how to use that system to get paid commissions when you sell other people’s products (both physical-products and digital products, many millions to choose from).

You’ll learn how to profit from services such as web-design, SEO, etc. without having to do any of the work yourself to deliver the service.

While some of the approaches in this guide do require a small amount of initial investment, some of them are entirely free. For example, while you can offer a business some free leads which makes it easier for them to start using your service, it is definitely possible to contact businesses for free (just email them), and get them to pay you up-front, before you have to spend a penny. I know this, because I’ve done exactly that, with both internet-marketers and offline local-businesses, making profits without spending a penny of my own money until after I’ve got paid by my clients.

This business-system is not time-consuming. You won’t have to write blog-content, nor do SEO, nor anything else time-consuming, if you don’t want to. You just have to order leads (which is simple), pass them on to your clients, and for some of the methods in the guide, spend a little time explaining to potential clients how it works.

While the principle of this business-system is very simple (selling something for more than you pay for it), making the best use of lead arbitrage does require understanding some concepts, such as testing, qualifying etc. If you are not sure if this business-system is for you, contact me first and ask me, and I’ll give you my honest opinion, even if it means directing you to something other than this guide.


You may be wondering why, if this method is so great, why I am letting anyone else know how to do it. This is a fair question. The reason is that there are literally millions of businesses around the world that can benefit from leads. Contacting businesses needs to be done on a relatively small scale . . . sending large numbers of spam emails is definitely not the way to do it (I’ll tell you how to avoid spamming, in the guide). So there is no way I can realistically contact even a tiny fraction of the businesses that would benefit from leads.

New businesses are being formed every minute, and most of them don’t have an effective lead-generation system. This market is wide open and there is plenty of room for everyone. So there is no downside to me helping you learn how to do it too.


If you are still not sure, I’ll make it real easy for you . . . my guide is also 100% risk-free . . . if you buy it and find that it’s not for you, then I’ll refund 100% of your cost, no questions asked, for up to 60 days after you’ve bought the product.

If you want to know how much other people value the information I write . . . I’ve sold hundreds copies of guides over the last few years, and, at the time of writing, I’ve only had one single refund-request (I sent the refund immediately, of course, no questions asked).

So, you’re really got nothing to lose . . . all you need to do is take action, right now . . .

How to buy for 77 cents and sell for $8.48 and build your list FREE.

What if all you needed to do to make money every single day, was just one simple step:

  1. Open an email, copy and paste some text, and send it to someone else.
  2. (If you were looking for a second step, sorry to disappoint . . . that’s IT!)


While initially, for some of the methods in my guide, you will need to explain some of the details of how the system works, to clients that have contacted you, that’s all you need to do, just explain facts in plain English. No hard-selling, no sales-copy, no persuasion, just repeating facts, many of which you can just copy and paste from my guide. Simple as that.


When you buy my guide, you’ll also get :

A FREE bonus :

Just email me as soon as you download the product (my email address is at the end of the guide), and I’ll give you a list of some of my other valuable internet-marketing guides for you to choose whichever one you want, entirely free of charge.

Think how great you’ll feel when you build a long-term passive income from all this information.

If you want quick results, I’ll tell you exactly how to achieve that.

Take a moment to think what you’ll enjoy spending your profits on.

Every day you wait, is a day you could be building a business that has the power to pay you for months and even years into the future.

Surely, you’ve heard about the power of compound interest, right?

Each mailing-list member, or business client you acquire, using the steps outlined in the course, has the potential to put hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket over time.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can see the results for yourself.

Plus, aren’t you tired of spinning your wheels on systems that don’t work or leave you guessing?

Don’t forget, with my 60-day unconditional guarantee, you risk nothing by buying today.


Just click the buy button below to buy “How to buy for 77 cents & sell for $8.48, & build your own list FREE.

How to buy for 77 cents and sell for $8.48 and build your list FREE.

PS. While I do give email support for free when you buy this guide, if you want lots of ongoing help with your lead business etc., and if you like to read how others who have bought the same guide are doing with their own business-systems, and discuss it with them, as well as getting personal help and suggestions from me, I’ll contact you to offer you the opportunity to join a FaceBook Group for buyers of this guide, which will be free for the first 30 days after you buy this guide.