Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free.

Finally… A REAL, Proven Method For Building a Long-Term, Consistent Income For Under $10
And Just a Few Minutes Per Day…


Are you tired of all of the hype and big promises when it comes to making money online?

If you’re like most online marketers, you’ve probably bought a course, or maybe a few, and not seen the results that you had hoped for.

That was me 9 years ago. I’d tried a bunch of methods, spent many days working on beautiful Squidoo lenses and made a handful of dollars in the months after, and made a few cents here and there from AdSense.

I’d also tried several methods that made big promises, and just didn’t work at all. In fact I’d been so eager to believe one course that I bought, I’d spent time creating several websites, and spent many days setting up complicated data-feed systems to add new products to the site every day, and writing long articles etc.. I couldn’t believe it when I’d still not made a penny after several months . . . I was so frustrated I just turned my back on the whole system and ignored my hard worked-for websites entirely.

Some time later I was reading about a simple method on a forum, and realized that I could try it on some of those old websites I’d not made a penny from. I assumed I’d make little or nothing, like every other method I’d tried at that point, so just put up a handful of product reports, didn’t see much happening after a few days, so gave up on that too.

You can imagine my surprise when, several months later, I received a commission check in the mail!

I had completely forgotten about those few little product-reports I’d written and abandoned on those old sites, but when I looked at the details, I found that they were making me some commissions each month, with no additional work at all.

I was so excited . . . I’d finally found an internet-marketing method which actually WORKED!

I thought this was the answer to my dreams.

I did my spread-sheets of how much money I would make when I up-scaled the results, and applied for bank-loans to help me grow the business quicker. I bought several courses on the subject, bought automation-software and spent hours writing scripts to automate repetitive parts of the business-method, and put hundreds of hours of hard work into growing a bigger website, because I knew the affiliate-marketing system I was using already worked as I’d already tested it, and the advice I’d paid for from the “experts” must be even better, right?

After three months of hard work, I was even more excited, because it was really working!

I was starting to make some decent money, and looking forward to becoming wealthy at long last, when . . .


in one instant, my income dropped to ZERO. I couldn’t believe it. What had happened? I had no idea. I “knew” nothing could be wrong because I’d followed the advice I’d paid good money for, from “the experts”.

When I investigated every possibility of what might be the cause, I found, to my horror, that I’d been entirely de-indexed from Google. My big new website, and all the money-making content I’d worked long hours on, was suddenly not in the search-results, at all, so I was getting no visitors and no income.

I didn’t even know it was possible to be de-indexed, as, after all, surely the “experts”, whose advice I’d paid for, would have told me, and made sure the advice they gave would never result in that disaster???

Unfortunately, no. After a lot of research and asking questions on forums, what I found was that the “expert” advice I’d been following to the letter, was exactly what had caused my site to be dropped by Google.

That is unbelievable enough, but what should scare you even more, is that the same advice, which resulted in me being de-indexed years ago, is still being sold TODAY.


But don’t worry, there is a solution . . .

. . . you can learn from my mistakes. And yes, that’s “mistakes”, plural . . . I’ve made plenty of them over my 16 years in internet-marketing, and I will tell you what I’ve learned about selling affiliate and CPA products, so you can avoid making the same errors yourself, and streamline your process to make profits more quickly.

I’ll teach you the easy method I discovered (which I mentioned above), which results in long-term commissions from product-reports, but I’ll tell you to do it without the risk of your websites being de-indexed . . . without the risk of losing the income you build.

In the past I’ve bought brand-new online-business courses where some of the websites the author assured us “he uses every day, to make big bucks” had been down for several years, and other sites that didn’t do anything like what he was suggesting. As that made clear, this wasn’t a real internet-marketing method that the author had actually done himself . . . he’d just put together a bunch of impressive-sounding concepts from various places and copied some way out-of-date lists of “the best websites to”. That one not only didn’t make me a profit, it actually lost me money!

Unfortunately, a lot of the methods taught online just don’t work or something critical is left out…

Sure, there may be some people out there earning 5 figures by simply sending out an email, but what about everything that led up to those results…

Not only that, but many of the other methods out there require you to…

  • Create complicated websites
  • Make time-consuming information products
  • Generate traffic constantly
  • Recruit affiliates and JVs
  • Write sales copy for websites, emails, and squeeze pages
  • Spend tons of money on marketing and advertising
  • Take advantage of loopholes that won’t continue to work in the future
  • Trick the search engines and risk your sites getting blacklisted

As easy as many of the products and courses out there make it all sound… making money online using the methods outlined above can be a lot of work.

What if there was an easier way?

What if there was a way to make money online that anyone could do, even with virtually no technical skills… and what if you could continue to see results that could continue to pay you for months or even years into the future for little or no additional work?

The good news is, there is…

I’ve done it myself!

But I must tell you… you are about to enter a hype-free zone.

If you’re looking to make $1,000 overnight, you’re in the wrong place…

If you’re looking to start a legitimate online business that has the power to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars in your first year with relatively easy and minimal work, please stay tuned…

I’m about to share a business system that I’ve personally been using for the past few years (and still continue to use today), and it’s put thousands of dollars into my pocket.

In fact, I’m going to tell you exactly what the method is in a minute, but first, some of the great advantages of these approaches to affiliate and CPA profits:

  • You can start this method for FREE if you want to.
  • Or if you have a little money to invest, you can fast-track your profits.
  • You can go away on vacation and the money still keeps coming in.
  • You can spend time when you’ve got it, and just forget about it while you’re busy.
  • You can make profits for many years to come from the work you do today.
  • You can multiply your profits instead of just working hard for the same income each day.
  • You don’t need to spend time creating your own product before you can make money.
  • There are literally millions of products you can get commissions on.
  • You don’t necessarily need people to buy things for you to make profit . . . you can get paid when someone agrees to receive a free trial. Think how easy it will be to give away free stuff!
  • There are many different types of products and services to make commissions from, from Ebooks to elliptical-trainers, insurance to iPhones, software to scooters.
  • This method can be scaled as big as you want to scale it.
  • You’ll also get my personal help for free when you buy this guide . . . I will answer every question you have, by email, personally.
  • Additionally, there is a private FaceBook Group for buyers of this guide, which will be free for 30 days after you buy it, so you can discuss with other buyers there, and I’ll post tips etc.


You can use this online business-system to make enough money to…

  • Have a little extra spending money
  • Pay off some debt
  • Cover the car payment or your mortgage and take some stress off your plate
  • Fund a vacation you’ve been putting off
  • Replace a part-time job
  • Replace your day job or leverage the money you’re making to start another online business.


So, what are these methods all about?

One of the most reliable ways to consistently earn good money online, long-term, is with affiliate (or CPA) marketing…

It’s a great way to start because you don’t need your own product to get started. You can literally start today.


In a nutshell, I’ll teach you how to…


  • Get started with affiliate and/or CPA
  • Pick the best products to promote
  • Create very helpful and EASY-to-create product reports that help people find what they’re looking for
  • Get paid for months and even years to come from the efforts that you make today
  • and I’ll tell you why the affiliate program which was the best one, is now not easy to work with, and save you from doing lots of work and then getting your affiliate income, that you’ve worked so hard to generate, taken away from you.

The great part is, your business is based on honesty… NOT a bunch of hype.

You can sleep well at night knowing you’re genuinely helping people out AND getting paid to do it!

Although this isn’t the fastest way to make money online, it’s the MOST stable system for long-term income that I’ve ever seen…

After being incredibly discouraged by seeing where the Internet Marketing world is going in terms of hype and misinformation, I wanted to create a guide that could teach you how to build a REAL LONG-TERM online income without all the hype…

Introducing… Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to start your entire online business for as little as $10 (you don’t need to spend a cent after buying this guide, if you don’t want to).
  • How to get paid by actually helping people… honesty beats hype 100% of the time!
  • The right way to work WITH Google instead of against them to get more traffic and more affiliate commissions
  • How to quickly create tiny little product reports, in 40 minutes or less, that can generate income for months and even years after you’ve created them
  • How to use 6 factors to help you choose products that will make good commissions.
  • How to make it easy to write effective product-reports by breaking each one down into 8 simple sections
  • How to make it easy for visitors to your website to find what they are looking for
  • Don’t want to do any of the writing yourself? No problem…it’s certainly possible to outsource the entire business system and still turn a nice long-term profit
  • How to find the best types of products to promote to get better conversions and more commissions
  • Although complicated SEO is a not what this course is about, you’ll learn a method for creating genuine back-links that are 100,000 times more effective than old-style back-links that can get your site banned
  • The free system that makes it easy to setup your first website
  • The fast, easy, and affordable way to generate targeted traffic, quickly

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get…


Instant download of my 70-Page PDF Guide that walks you through each step of the process… There’s literally no stone left unturned… You have everything you need to get started right away after you go through the guide

Take a Sneak Peak At The Table Of Contents Inside The Report…

Index/contents :

The Basics

What is affiliate marketing?

What is CPA?

Advantages of affiliate-marketing and CPA (and internet-marketing in general)

Two Different Approaches to affiliate / CPA :

A) Content-based organic-traffic “conduit” affiliate-business-system.

How it works, advantages (low cost etc.),

Choosing products to promote,

Writing product-reports,

B) Rapid profits and rapid up-scaling with qualified, targeted leads.

Your website(s) for Affiliate or CPA profits :

domain and hosting.




How Much For “Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free?”


Unlike many courses and methods out there that leave you guessing or quit working over time, “Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free”, is a time-tested, consistent approach to building a long-term online business…

By following the step-by-step instructions inside the course, you’ll be able to build an online business that has the potential to pay you for months and years in the future from the work that you do today…

Because what you’ll learn inside can easily put thousands of dollars in your pocket, it would be easy to charge hundreds of dollars for this course and feel OK about it…

But you won’t pay that today…

During the initial launch, I’m looking to get feedback and testimonials about this guide, so I’ve decided to release it at the introductory price of just $9.97.

That’s right, just TEN bucks for this 70-page, fully detailed guide (and I’ll answer your questions, personally).


If you are still not sure, I’ll make it real easy for you . . . my guide is also 100% risk-free . . . if you buy it and find that it’s not for you, then I’ll refund 100% of your cost, no questions asked, for up to 60 days after you’ve bought the product.

If you want to know how much other people value the information I write . . . I’ve sold hundreds copies of guides over the last few years, and, at the time of writing, I’ve not had a single refund-request. Ever.

So, you’re really got nothing to lose . . . all you need to do is take action, right now . . .


You’ll get this fully detailed 70-page guide, for just . . .

. . . $5.00 . . .

Get INSTANT ACCESS to “Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free” : click the button below

After you click the button above, you’ll be immediately taken to your download links and be able to get started right away…

But, You Don’t Have To Make A Decision Today…


I know there’s a lot of courses and products out there that you could spend your money on… Maybe you’ve been burned in the past or you’re on the fence?

I don’t want your skepticism to prevent you from making a decision that has the power to change your life for the better and help you start a real online business that will put real money in your pocket if you follow the step-by-step course…

To make this really easy for you, I’m going to let you test-drive the “Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free?” on my dime for the next 60 days…

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with what you learn inside, simply send me an email, and I’ll give you every penny of your tiny investment back…

No questions asked.

Here’s Why You Need To Get “Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free?” Today…


Every day you wait, is a day you could be building a business that has the power to pay you for months and even years into the future…

Surely, you’ve heard about the power of compound interest, right?

Each product report that you create using the steps outlined in the course, has the potential to put hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket over time…

And over time, the amount that each report can generate just gets bigger and bigger…

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can see the results.

Plus, aren’t you tired of spinning your wheels on systems that don’t work or leave you guessing?

The business-system in this guide is proven to work, if you work it…


Don’t forget, with my 60-day unconditional guarantee, you risk nothing by buying today.


. . . $5 only . . .

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) About “Two Approaches to CPA and Affiliate Profits – Fast or Free?” :

Q: Can this business-system really be started for $10?

A: Yes. While I strongly recommend owning at least one website (domain) of your own, which means that the initial start-up costs are hosting and one domain, if you want to do it all for free, my guide will tell you how to do it that way too.

Some hosting accounts do offer monthly payments (typically a few dollars per month, some even less than that) and a domain typically costs around $10 (the hosting service I recommend in the guide will give you a FREE domain in some circumstances). Ideally I recommend testing this business system with three domains (and the required hosting) but you can start with one and re-invest the profits from that to buy more domains later as your business grows.

Q: How quickly can this business system be profitable?

A: If you work hard it is possible for you to get your first product-reports online within a few hours of purchasing the course, and if you consistently add just a few more product-reports every day, it would be typical to be earning commissions within a few weeks, possibly less, (although some affiliate programs don’t pay immediately).

It is very realistic to have made an overall profit from this business system within 3 months, if you put the necessary work by simply following the clear instructions given as part of the guide.

Q: How much prior knowledge of internet marketing is required?

A: Zero. You don’t need to know anything at all about internet marketing in order to profit from this business system, since it includes specific instructions on everything you need to know including how and why the overall business system works, how to choose which affiliate products to write about, how to write product reports that give genuine value to readers, how to buy a domain, hosting and set up WordPress to implement your website(s) and everything else you need to know.

All you need is an internet connection, and willingness to learn. You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge at all to learn this system.

Q: How much profit is realistic with this business system?

A: That depends on how much work (or investment to outsource the necessary work) you put into it. There are several hundred million affiliate products available to sell (at the time of writing) and many of those are suitable for using with this business-system, to make reliable profits.

This is a real business system, and builds a residual income, .i.e. if you continue to work steadily your profits increase steadily, and the business system is fully able to be scaled and outsourced.

Q: How reliable is the system?

A: It is the most reliable internet marketing system I have tried (and I have tried a wide range of internet marketing systems over many years). If you follow the instructions, you will make money, simple as that.

Also, if you approach this business the way we recommend, treating it as a serious long-term business and putting consistent work into it after understanding the principles, it is totally realistic to grow a real business which can at some point be fully outsourced and continue growing.

Q: How easy is the system to learn?

A: Although it’s not “click a button and get rich” like many courses claim to offer, when you follow the detailed guide, you’ll be able to learn the system very quickly. Does it take a little work? Yes. Are you going to get rich overnight? No. But, if you work the system, it’s the most reliable way to make a
residual income online that I have ever found, and one of the easiest.

Q: What if I need help along the way?

A: Yes, one of the resources I provide, included in the price of this guide, is free help from me personally. I will answer EVERY email, and help you if I can.

There is also a private Facebook Group for those who want to ask questions and discuss this business-system with others. As well as getting answers to specific questions, and regular tips from me, this group will also provide general support and encouragement . . . it’s a lot easier to feel that an area of learning is realistic if others are confirming their own successes. And you can learn from their questions and answers (as well as your own).

It can make a big difference to have the support and friendship from such a group, as it will be people all working towards the same goals, all learning together and helping each other to succeed.

I, (the author of this guide), will be the moderator of that FaceBook group, and will provide answers and assistance as best I can.

Q: Does this course tell us how to outsource all of this system from the beginning?

A: While every part of this business system can be outsourced, I very strongly recommend you to do everything yourself at least a few times first, because that will give you much more understanding and appreciation of how and why each part of the system works. This is a real business, and people who choose to have no understanding of what they are doing are not likely to succeed in the long-term.

Once you’ve implemented each part of the business system for yourself, then certainly you can move on to outsourcing all of it, and I will tell you how to do that the right way, not start off cutting corners and end up with something that you don’t understand and cannot control effectively.

Q: Does the guide include all the secrets that other internet marketing systems leave out?

A: To be totally honest, there are few real “secrets” in internet marketing. What there are, unfortunately, a lot of, is “internet marketing business systems” which are really just fake “systems” with lots of hype to make them sound good to newbies with no experience, but which don’t really work in practice. If you’ve tried a few “internet marketing systems” you’ll probably have come across these . . . you can tell because some of the “websites the author uses every day to make huge profits” have been down for years (and you can find the exact same out-of-date un-researched lists of “resources” online where they were copied from), the profits just don’t happen as promised, and the type of business system gets a sudden burst of attention then after a few months very little.

If you’ve been on any internet marketing forum for a while, or looked at past posts, it will be obvious that affiliate and CPA business-systems in general has been around for many years, and is not just a “flash in the pan”. While my guide does not rely on “special secrets” or tricks, what it does offer is the honest and reliable approach, and that is a big difference from many other affiliate systems who tell you all about special “gray hat secrets” on how to trick Google into giving you “more traffic” and how to use hype to trick people into buying things they don’t really need. While some of those tricks can work to some degree in the short-term, the problem with that is that Google is spending a lot more money shutting down sites who try to trick them than you can afford to put into keeping your tricks ahead of their progress. Plus there’s been too much hype for too many decades and people can “smell it” and really don’t like it (think how YOU feel when you buy something like an over-hyped internet-marketing course, and realize that the hype is just empty promises, and then think how much easier it is to differentiate facts from hype with things like customer reviews from real buyers).

The advantage in treating your readers, and Google, honestly, is that honesty is much more reliable in the long-term (as well as being much easier and cheaper to create), so that product-report you write tomorrow will still be earning you good money in several years time (with occasional minor updates) while those using tricks keep having to do their work over and over again to try stay ahead of the game.

Q: Does the guide tell us how to generate enough traffic to make money?

A: Have a think for a moment, why most internet-marketing systems rely so heavily on “traffic methods”. Think what Google would most like to give traffic to . . . content that real people surfing the internet find really valuable and helpful.

The system I detail in the guide works so well because it gives everyone what they want . . . people buying products don’t want to spend the time doing all the research themselves into what product is best for them, Google wants to send lots of precisely-targeted traffic to online content which really helps buyers get the information they want . . . when a potential buyer reads the information they really wanted to find, they don’t look at other websites, they just click the link and buy.

Google knows that your website gave them what they want because viewers stop searching once they’ve read that website. They win, and so you win (you get the commissions on the sales).

If an internet-marketing system really NEEDS a “traffic method”, then it is by definition, not really giving everyone what they want. This affiliate system will work fine with no additional traffic method at all, or to put it another way (as the real experts on internet-marketing forums have said for years, this is nothing new) the best traffic method of them all is really good content that really helps people.

I do tell you about additional traffic methods as well, but even if you ignore those and just post good product-reports, you will still make a good profit with this system.

Q: Does this affiliate business-system require me to work with other people at all?

A: Basically no. You can do everything yourself, and you don’t need to talk to anyone else or persuade anyone of anything . . . you are NOT going to write “sales copy” (an attempt at persuading people to do something they otherwise would not do), you are doing to give potential buyers real honest research which helps them make the best informed decision they can.

You never need to tell anyone else what you are doing with this business system, it does not use “word of mouth” or anything else like that, you can just quietly get on with implementing the system as I recommend, and you will make money. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing, all you need to do is be willing to be honest and re-organize simple facts we will tell you exactly how to research. That means ANYONE can do it, all you need is access to the internet and willingness to learn.

Alternatively, if you like working with others and do better with the support and encouragement of a group, the private Facebook Group just for this system will give you exactly what you need.

Q: Are there any potential problems with this affiliate method?

A: Yes, there are a few. I made most of them myself when I first started, including believing that using the traffic tricks that almost all other internet-marketing courses recommend (I followed the exact instructions of a leading affiliate course) was a good long-term strategy. I’ll tell you exactly what happened when I did what that affiliate course said . . . my sites were completely de-indexed (i.e. Google ceased showing my websites on any search results) and my affiliate earnings crashed to almost zero.

I made another big mistake as well, although it seemed like a logical thing to do at the time. I’ll tell you in the guide exactly what mistakes I made, precisely what happened as a result, and what you need to understand and do in order to avoid all those potential mistakes with this system.

The details of the system in my guide are what I have been doing since I learned from those mistakes and found that the profits were definitely worth the work I put in (even though I was lazy and didn’t update some of my sites for 3 years, they still made a profit, and made lots more as I get round to being more sensible and updated them regularly).

Q: How much money do I make per hour with this affiliate system?

A: This is an important question to ask, because many internet-marketing systems do indeed make a profit, but so little that it’s really not worth doing them at all.

One of the first internet-marketing systems I tried was a simple and free content-creation method, and certainly did make an income, but when I looked back at it some time later and calculated exactly what the profits were, I found that for a hour of my work (and I am not slow) I made about a dollar per year for the first couple of years, but after 3 or 4 years that was down to about zero on average. So obviously that system was not worth putting any more time into, although I had learned several things from it, so I don’t consider it a total waste.

The affiliate system in my guide, if you follow my instructions, will make on average about a dollar per product report per month. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you learn that a product report only takes about 40 minutes to write, and on some of my websites the product-reports were still making significant money after more than three years with zero updating, you’ll see that in the long-term, this system is very worthwhile. With minor updates only once or twice a year, a product-report is likely to continue to make money for many years, and Google admits publicly that older websites are automatically sent more traffic if they have had good quality content during that time, you can start to see the potential of this long-term business.

If you think in terms of a job, it might not make sense, because in the first month you write a product-report, a single dollar doesn’t sound like much, but that’s not the right way to think about it, because writing a product-report is nothing like a job . . . in a job if you stop doing it, the money stops, but if you write a product-report, the money keeps coming in . . . if you update it occasionally, the money will keep coming in as long as the product exists, which if you choose products as we recommend, is likely to be many decades.

So do the math, add up a dollar a month, for say 3 decades, for 40 minutes work, and you start to see the potential. Then consider what happens if you re-invest some of the profit in outsourcing more product-reports, and the money doesn’t just keep coming in, it multiplies. So yes really, put the numbers into a spread-sheet right now and see what happens if you re-invest the profit from a dollar a month, towards paying for 40 minutes of the time of an writer, see what happens after 10, 20, 30 years, you’ll be surprised (I’ll give you a clue, it’s many millions)!

Then see if you’d rather have your current job for the next 30 years, or the compound interest from re-investing in product-reports from the profits they make? Look at the percentage return on investment you make. You might be starting to see why rich people are much more likely to own investments than have a job.

Q: Do I need to sell anything to succeed with this system?

A: Definitely not. In fact you need to learn how NOT to try to persuade anyone to buy anything they don’t want, and even to delete the hype words from the manufacturers description of the products. You need to learn why honesty works better in an area where the facts can be verified easily.

Just compare the numbers . . . if you have tried other internet marketing systems (or have any experience with offline marketing or sales) you’ll know that 1% or 2% conversions in most industries is the best that can be expected . . . in a few areas of internet-marketing, something like 10% to 20% is sometimes possible with a lot of work and good contacts, then go to some Amazon products and see the sell-through percentage they quote on the page . . . 60%, 70% or more is common.

You’ll make use of conversion percentages like those: all you have to do is give people the information they need to feel confident they know which product is the right one for them, (my guide tells you exactly how to do that) and once someone clicks through one of your links, you get the commissions whatever they buy, and the seller (not you) does a REALLY good job of selling to them, using real facts from real customers so you just fit in with that.

Q: How long will it take to test the system to see if it works?

A: A few weeks. Even if you only do three websites, with 30 product-reports on each, then do nothing more, within a few weeks you’ll make commissions and be more than ready to start thinking of a long-term plan for scaling up your success. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the guide.

Q: If I am not a native English-speaker, can I still make profits with this system?

A: Yes.

If you only want to spend a very small amount of money you can follow our instructions, write the best product-reports you can, and you will definitely make some money even if your English is not perfect, then as the profits come in, re-invest in getting the product-reports written even better.

Alternatively, if you have the budget to do so, outsource the writing from the beginning.

Q: What if I’m not a good writer, can I still make money from this system?

A: Yes. Just do the best you can.

It is much easier to just re-organize simple facts and real customer quotes, than it is to write effective sales-copy or great fiction or even a college paper which gets a good grade, you don’t need to do any of that, you just need to clearly present facts and customer experience, and the guide tells you exactly how to do that, in simple steps.

Q: Why should I believe that internet-marketing works at all?

A: It’s a fair question. For some newbies it is easy to wonder if anyone is actually making any money in internet-marketing itself, or if they are only making money selling internet marketing courses.

However, looking at what the words “internet marketing” mean, then look at Amazon’s revenue . . . ($74 billion in 2013) . . . that is 100% via the internet (i.e. that is $74 billion turnover from internet-marketing) and 40% of that is from their affiliate program (that means the 900,000 Amazon affiliates made just under 30 BILLION dollars in 2013).

One of the main methods that Amazon has used to succeed was its outstanding affiliate program. Since the Amazon affiliate program was one of the earliest, and is still going, that means that Amazon affiliates are making enough money from it for them to choose to continue to use it. If other people can make money from the Amazon affiliate program, then so can you . . . before they started doing it, they didn’t know how to do it either, so you are in the same position they are, they learned and so can you.

So YES, internet marketing works . . . Amazon made 74 billion using it, and Amazon affiliates made over 29 billion using it, in 2013, why not get your share of that?

My guide recommends many other affiliate programs (Amazon is unfortunately now not the easiest to work with, but you can use them if you are careful, and there are plenty of good alternatives).

Q: Is anyone really making any money from affiliate programs?

A: Yes, 900,000 Amazon affiliates made more than 29 BILLION DOLLARS in 2013.

In case you’ve not thought through what that means, it means that the AVERAGE an Amazon affiliate makes is over $30,000 a year.

Don’t take my word for it, check the facts on the internet, it’s not difficult to find. You can also find out that around 1% of all the websites which exist today use the Amazon affiliate program, and numbers like that simply don’t happen unless it makes a consistent profit for a lot of the people who are using it.

If they can do it, so can you.

Q: Is this affiliate system guaranteed to succeed?

A: We do give you a 100% money-back guarantee on this guide, so before you start you know that the maximum amount of money you could possibly lose is the cost of your domain(s) and hosting. If even that is too much risk for you, then it is possible to test the system for free (we’ll tell you how to do that even though we don’t recommend it because you’ll make a lot more money from the same work if you are willing to invest in at least one domain and hosting), so if you want, your maximum losses can be precisely ZERO. So in other words you are guaranteed not to lose a single cent, if you choose to do things that way.

The only way to guarantee 100% that you will NOT succeed, is to refuse to try.

You’re not going to get a better opportunity than putting a small amount of your time into a zero-risk investment which has made other people a LOT of money.


Don’t forget, with my 60-day unconditional guarantee, you risk nothing by buying today.


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